Yay for the Weekend!

Yay for the weekend! I’m heading out to run errands (which usually means stopping for lunch somewhere with my Huggy Bear!) and I have to pick up my e-cart grocery order today. I try to get all my chores done on Saturdays so I can rest on Sundays. I find when I do, my work week goes so much better. Other wise I seem to run out of steam before I run out of week.

I’m wearing my “Not Your Daughters” jeans available at Macy’s, white tank and a light weight cardigan (no longer available but similar here) . My daughter and I agree these jeans are as comfortable as our yoga pants!

The day promises to be warm so I just wanted something light weight and I love the lace detail and feminine pattern of this cardigan.

I also like that it’s 3/4 sleeve and a nice length. You can see the pattern better here. 

I put a slight cuff in my jeans to show about an inch of ankle above my open toe booties. These are so comfortable which is important today since I’m running a lot of errands and I think they are a great transition for fall.

Hopefully by day’s end I’ll have my list all checked off and be able to rest and relax for the rest of the weekend. And if I run into people I know while I’m out and about today I’ll feel cute and stylish and more confident since I took a little “me time” to do my hair and makeup and put on something fashionable but still comfortable.

How about you do you try to get a rest day? Do you feel better about you when you take a little time for yourself before you head out the door? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

One thought on “Yay for the Weekend!”

  1. I just ordered an ecru cardigan and a black vertical striped dolman sleeve cardigan from Macy’s. They are having some amazing sales. I love it when quality and affordable come together haha!!


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