Faithful Formulations Eye Masks! 1st in a 5 part skincare series:)

Good morning beautiful gals. I am going to be doing a five part series each Wednesday to share with you all my personal skincare routine. I believe in natural products that will help keep my skin fresh, youthful and glowing so that I can accept the coming of age with grace and dignity. Does anyone remember the Haley Mills version of the movie Parent Trap? That saying came from that movie and it has always stuck with me. I love Disney movies and hers were always among my top favorites. Golden Eye Masks Faithful Formulations

First, I’d like to introduce you to my beautiful cousin Dr. Faith Coats. She is a practitioner of Naturopathic Medicine. She graduated with honors and has been married to the love of her life for over a year now. She lives in Arizona with her husband and is accepting new patients. If you are interested, you may view all that she offers here. I am going to try to talk my sisters and mom into taking a road trip together to get facials 🙂 With skin as beautiful as hers, I’m going to take advantage of all that she offers including these amazing eye masks that I’m in love with!

I hope you’ll take the opportunity to try these eye masks. Please join us next week for the 2nd edition of skincare tutorials. As always we’d love for you to join us here at Sizable Fashion by entering your email below and we’d love to hear your comments on your eye care routine! Have a blessed day!!

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