Flirty Fall Fashion!

Plaid Leggings/Shirt/Heels

When the days are cooling off as I head out the door on a date with my man, my wardrobe choices change from cute sundresses to modest yet sexy pant outfits. We love to eat outside as long as possible at our favorite restaurants.

While we were waiting for our movie to start we decided to take a stroll through our local park. They have gorgeous views there and in fact a wedding was setting up to start shortly. I love these plaid leggings with back pockets. They are extremely comfortable and with the vertical seam running down the front they elongate the leg. Since plaid is trending this year, it’s a great way to incorporate it. They have back pockets to elevate them from your normal leggings. The pleated top with a slight flow to it is very girly and flattering to all waistlines. The shoes put it over the top for this living on the edge girl who loves a little sparkle and sex appeal.

They have a 3 inch heel and isn’t that silver stud on the back classy. The asymmetrical band across the top is stretchy and very comfortable. I love that they have a padded foot bed making them easy to walk in.

I felt cute, comfortable, warm and always have a blast with my husband. He’s made me laugh everyday for over 22 years now!! If I was to give any advice to someone of what to look for in a spouse it would be to never settle for anyone who doesn’t make you laugh and love you just as you are.

The back pockets on the leggings make them totally appropriate to wear with a shirt that doesn’t quite cover your back side.

I wore silver sparkly hoops & a silver and black bracelet to tie in the black from the shoes and leggings. As we head into these dreary and overcast months, I love to rock red lips. Wearing a red lip can add as much as an accessory to an otherwise neutral look. You’re never too old to have red lips; you just have to wear the right tone for your coloring and make sure to add moisture.

Lip Mask

As we age, it’s important to keep our lips free from dull and dry skin. Using masks like this or the Mary Kay Satin Lips Set will immediately make your lips look younger and luscious. It’s also important to pick the right shade of red. If you have more of an ivory complexion think blue undertones. I think of Gwen Stefani. She’s beautiful with more of a lighter complexion and she rocks amazing shades of red. When thinking of warm complexions, it brings to mind Jennifer Lopez; equally beautiful but she would wear warmer reds. I chose Mary Kay red lip liner with a semi-shine apple berry red and topped it off with rock’n red nourishine plus lip gloss. I also love this midnight red semi-matte gel lipstick for cooler complexions. If I was a warmer complexion, I’d use this or this.

Hope your weekend is full of rest and fun times with family or friends:) As always, we’d love to have you join us here at Sizable Fashion. Have a blessed day!!!

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