Look Cute while Staying Strong, Balanced and Flexible

Good morning precious ladies! I hope your first week of fall is starting out great! Thank you so much for spending a few minutes here with us. Today I’m talking about yoga clothes that are both cute and functional. Gaiam brand from Kohl’s and they are priced right for us working gals. They have lots of colors and styles to choose from in sizes XS to XXL.

I started working out in my early 20s and have done everything from aerobics, strength training, Zumba, P90X, and even a personal trainer but I always come back to my yoga. It’s so gentle on my aging body yet so effective at keeping me toned and moving freely without aches and pains. Comfortable yoga clothes are essential though and I found these Gaiam yoga leggings, twist front top and bralette at Kohl’s. They are so nice to move in.

They stretch with me and stay put so I’m not constantly tugging on my leggings or having to pull my top back down where it belongs instead of staying focused on my poses.

As we age we tend to lose muscle mass, balance and flexibility. Yoga is so kind to our bodies and still works on all three of these areas. With figure four chair pose for example we work the little connective tissues in our feet which we use for balance. Having had ears problems most of my life I figure I can use all the balance help I can get.

I really like this twist top because it’s long enough that when I raise my arms my tummy area stays covered. And the bralette is staying where it belongs too, not riding up.

I can stay focused on the moves since I’m comfortable and not distracted by my clothing.

Of course my husband is my photographer so I might have been a little distracted (wink)! I’m not usually smiling while doing my moves, mostly just a lot of deep breathing while I “feel the heat build” in my legs or let my “core shake” as my down dog app instructor says. If you’d like to give it a try there’s a free “Down Dog” app available for your phone. I personally only benefit from the yoga moves and I meditate on the word of God each day. I’d highly recommend both! Remember to always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program though and modify any poses that are too difficult ( I certainly do!)

What kind of things do you do to stay active as you age? Have you given yoga a try? Leave me a comment below if you have a minute, I’d really like to hear your experiences. And if you like what you’re seeing here on Sizable Fashion we’d love to have you follow us. Just click on the link below, then you’ll receive our posts in your inbox every morning.

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