Looking Cute & Comfy While Golfing With My Man

Tassel Top/Button Frayed Hem Jeans/Red Jacket

Ever since I can remember the golf course has been one of my favorite places to go to. As a little girl, my dad would take us to the driving range weekly. Or we would visit the putting greens. It is one of my fondest childhood memories with him. When I was around 12 we moved to Arizona and lived right on the golf course. My sister and I were allowed to drive the golf carts and oh what mischievous fun we had driving them ha ha. We would make food and drink runs for my dad and his friends. While my dad is now in heaven with Jesus, I still love to go golfing with my hubby. He also loves golfing and I once again find myself living in a golf course community.

I loved visiting the golf shops at the club house. I found some of the women’s clothing to not be quite as cute and fashion forward as my tastes preferred. So, I’ve always tried to find cute & comfy clothing that I could move around in but still feel girly and find flattering.

With the weather being unpredictable sometimes, I love that I found a comfortable jacket in one of my favorite colors. It is available in sizes extra small through extra large. The fabric content includes spandex making it comfortable. I also love the vertical seams running down the front from the pockets to the waistband and the fact that it’s not boxy which is a problem with a lot of jean jackets. Red is one of my favorite colors, so at a $30 price point I just couldn’t resist.

The longer length of this v-neck tassel top was the perfect pairing with this jacket. Moving my arms was easy as I couldn’t let my husband beat me:) Of course, no matter how hard I try, he always comes out on the winning side.

I’m pretty good at keeping up with the guys and making it to the green in just a few more swings than them, but my putting needs more practice. I try to bend down and pretend I know how to read the greens as they say. I always usually come up short though. It’s all about having fun and getting some fresh air and exercise to stay healthy. And my husband is a blast to be around. He buys me treats and encourages me and a lot of times teaches me. I love how the buttons on this jacket coordinate perfectly with the buttons on these dark frayed hem skinny jeans. Even if I can’t beat the guys, I’ll sure look cute trying!

The details on this shirt along with the pretty muted floral pattern are what I admired most. Pleating across the shoulders and the stitching detail with tassels and a modest v-neck were my favorite features. I paired it with a red jean jacket but you could easily pair it with a navy, green or black blazer.

I’ve had these golf shoes for a while now but they are excellent quality as all Nike products usually are. I love the neutral tan stripe across the top as well as the coordinating red Nike swoosh:) They are very comfortable and I would highly recommend if you are interested in playing golf that you invest in a pair. I like these and these.

Pearls are just timeless and the length of these filled in the neck line of this top. It’s between 18 to 22 inches in length. The gold matched the buttons of the jacket along with my diamond bracelet. That was an anniversary gift from my husband years ago but I like this bracelet and this one. Pearl stud earrings topped off the look.

Well, we’ve made it to the weekend! Praise the Lord!!! Tomorrow we are headed on a fun family outing. I’m going to try to post to our insta stories. If you’re interested you can check it out and we’d love to have you follow us here at Sizable Fashion. Have a restful and blessed weekend!

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