Weekend Adventures

Happy Saturday friends! Soooo ready for the weekend! Today I’m actually going to head to our local pumpkin patch and get a sugar pumpkin to make a pie. I was told by my coworker, they’re smaller than carving pumpkins and firmer, making them better for pies according to her mom who made them all the time when she was growing up. I’ve talked about it for years now but this is the year I’m really going to do it. You can tune in to my story on Instagram and see how it’s goes.

It’s supposed to be in the 60’s and sunny so I’ve decided on this cozy warm cardigan from JC Penny’s. I’ve done a little pattern mixing with this short sleeved split neck top underneath.

I love the cable knit of this cardigan on the front, sleeves and it’s even carried onto the back. It’s a great bargain at the sale price with code GOSTYLE and comes in several different colors and sizes XS to XXL.

This split crew neck top has a really nice silky feel to it. I like the contrasting patterns and textures together. It’s 40% off with the same code GOSTYLE and comes in several different patterns too and sizes XS to XXL.

I’ve chosen comfy black jeans (similar here) and a simple pair of black bow ballet flats to complete my look. Both seemed good choices to trudge thru a pumpkin patch. Though I’ve never actually trudged through a pumpkin patch in all my 62 years so I guess I’ll find out, ha!

The cardigan also has pockets that are pretty deep, perfect for holding my cell phone while I’m picking out a pumpkin. I love this little longer length too for style and warmth to wrap up in if there’s a breeze which is pretty regular up here in our northern California mountain area this time of year.

Ok, I’m off to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch! I’m totally uncertain how this is going to go but that’s how adventures are right? No expectations of perfection, just exploring something new and out of your normal routine to see what’s out in our great big world around us. It’s important to try new things to keep us growing and learning!

How about you? What adventures have you been on lately? I’d love to hear if you’d care to share in the comments below. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you like what you’re seeing we’d really appreciate if you would share us with a friend or two.

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