Relaxed Look at the Sundial Bridge

Good morning dear reader! Hope you had a good productive week and are ready for a little weekend relaxation. I definitely am, even though one day this week I used a floating holiday and we went for a short drive to the Sundial Bridge.

I’ve been here before but I am totally amazed at the innovation of man every time I see it. Actually a working sundial it spans 710 feet across the Sacramento River and reaches 217 feet into the sky. Surrounding it are all kinds of hiking trails, a botanical garden, and the Turtle Bay Exploration Park that has all kinds of educational and fun displays that are ever changing throughout the year. Of course I still wanted to look stylish and be warm so I wore a black rib-knit v-neck sweater with a classic white shirt underneath and my dark jeans and black booties.

The sweater is 50% off right now at Old Navy, comes in four other colors and sizes XS to XXL. It has a high low hem and side slits with rib knit detail on the collar, hem and cuffs.

Underneath I wore a classic white shirt also from Old Navy just for a little extra warmth even though it actually turned out to be a beautiful warm day.

These Everflex skinnies from Maurices have quickly become my go to jeans. They have a high rise waist and are so soft and stretchy. They don’t bag out like some jeans do and are such an affordable price. Right now you can buy one get one 50% off and Maurices carries them in regular and plus sizes.

My booties are from Glamour Farms and are no longer available but I think these peep toe booties are really cute. I’ve ordered several pairs of their booties and shoes and they have all been great quality.

If you enjoy nature, the Exploration Park is definitely a fun place to visit. Aquatic adventures, a parrot playhouse, and all kinds of animals, including a striped skunk (with it’s scent glands removed of course) that have been rescued and are non-releasable. just to name a few of their attractions. We have a great time and learn something new every time we go!

Thanks so much for taking time out of your Saturday morning to stop in and let us share a little about our neck of the woods with you. If you’ve enjoyed your time and would like to follow us and receive our posts in your inbox regularly just click on the link below then be sure to check your email for a confirmation link. Feel free to tell your friends about us – everyone is welcome here! And if you have any comments those are always welcome too. Have a super weekend!!

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